Mindful Events on Mallorca 

MICEful -A trend towards healthy incentive measures – a great opportunity to recover from everyday working life and harmonize body, mind and soul!

Work hard, live well!

The world of work is subject to constant change and demands more and more from people. A look at the culture of constant availability, the overtime ethos and economic necessities reveals a workforce that is transforming and optimizing itself. Studies suggest that the business world will change more in the next 15 years than in the entire past century. So far, technology has influenced the way organizations work, but future technologies will not only influence business processes, but also people themselves. We will have to learn to work together with artificial, emotional and mental intelligence. The mindset is changing and many companies are focussing on a safe environment in which strong team cohesion prevails and people support each other and quickly learn new things together.

Your employees are the driving force behind your company!

If they don’t perform at their best, your company won’t be successful either. This is precisely why you, like many other companies from a wide range of industries, should set the course now and invest more in your employees. “Burn for work without burning out!” We integrate workshops or one-day seminars into the incentive trip for employees and managers, such as business yoga, stress management, meditation, work-life balance or mindfulness in the workplace, workshops and lectures. With the contemporary “Work Hard Live Well” philosophy, you can achieve your company goals with motivated and healthy employees.

Mindful works!

Numerous scientific studies have proven the many positive effects of mindfulness. Employees and companies benefit in equal measure. Companies such as Google, SAP and IKEA are already using mindfulness training as an effective measure for the personal development of their employees.

Our offer for mindful events combines meetings, incentives and congresses with energizing and healthy program elements such as yoga sessions, guided meditations, group mindfulness training and presentations by coaches or health experts. We provide organising mindful workshops or seminars in any hotel meeting room or in nature.

Combining with outdoor activities, the participants get in touch with nature and the other participants. Depending on the chosen location, we offer nature experiences where the group can immerse themselves in the Mediterranean culture and lifestyle of Mallorca. This gives participants the opportunity to get to know the authentic island living, its people and culture..

Our goal is to support business people or entrepreneurs who are planning their upcoming event. We want to help create a meaningful and unique event that serves as a catalyst for a mindset shift in the business world. With our support, we offer that all participants return from the trip with a new feeling, full of motivation and ready to bring in fresh ideas to be more productive and creative.

Whether you are a global corporation, a small business owner or an entrepreneur looking to drive your business forward with a fresh approach and new leadership. We offer you the opportunity to receive a customised proposal according to your needs. Get in touch with us now without obligation: info@mallorcaeventconcept.com